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Restaurant Crystal Palace of Bao Son hotel will bring much surprise and attract gourmets to Hanoi in the afternoon during the week with buffet includes dishes with strong flavors familiar colors.

Turn the traditional dishes of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular served to customers in a professional manner in a space characterized elegant and tasteful.

Restaurant Crystal Palace was built models Buffet with almost 40 dishes tasty and unique. Go to the buffet restaurant, you not only enjoy the traditional dishes of "Hanoi Cuisine" but also find moments of relaxation after a week of work in the great space of Hanoi rare noisy. I must say, Bao Son Hotel buffet is a buffet disc enjoy most striking impression capital that diners should not be ignored.

Bao Son International Hotel at 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh - Ha Noi will give customers a new space but familiar through pictures, memorabilia reminiscent of how close the difficult years of the Ha internal subsidy period as winter leash, toads fan, typewriter, head vases bomb, aluminum profile, doors television, music tickets, old money, paper selling farmland, straw hat ...

Along with space full of memories, you will enjoy over 40 dishes past and present Hanoi Hanoi as baked rolls, beef noodle soup book, Cha Ca Kinh period, West Lake shrimp cake ... will certainly bring satisfaction and favorite for diners.

Turn the traditional dishes of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular is served to guests in a professional manner in a space characterized elegant and tasteful. The food is refined from fresh ingredients, not only to satisfy customers by exotic dishes but also fascinated with rustic dishes, simple because all are made by all interested blood of talented chefs.

Crystal Palace restaurant will definitely attracts and delivers an unforgettable sensation not only because of the special dishes but also by the enthusiastic service, professionalism of every employee, along with interest attentive to customers and always offer our customers the most relaxed.

Glass Palace Restaurant is designed in the shape of a large fish tank with delicate lines and elegant, combined with pure white marble to create a modern style. The restaurant can accommodate up to 250 diners, spacious, airy, rich menu taste of Vietnam. It is also the ideal venue to host weddings with rich service packages suitable to the requirements of all subjects.

The restaurant serves an extensive menu and varied according to customer requirements:

1 / Buffet "Hanoi Cuisine" - 230,000 VND / Productivity - With 40 unique dish of Hanoi.

2 / Set menu: Very diverse choice of customers

3 / Buffet - according to your choice

4 / Wedding Package

5 / Workshop and serves Buffet do take place - Out side cutering

10% discount for customers known restaurants from Website